AQUALAND - Corfu Theme Water Park

Family Area (8+)

Looking for a place that will generate hours of fun for your family?
What can be a better way to transfer the usual kids’ games at a playground to a swimming pool?

Children’s water games located in big swimming pools and slides makes them safe even for all family.

There are nine family areas with water games.

Deep Pool with Jacuzzi:

Our answer to tired bodies in need of recharging. Relax and let the bubbles do their work.

Lazy River:

Located in the heart of Aqualand , 350 meters long river surrounded by trees, will take you slowly on a relaxing journey around the park.

Wave pool:

Enjoy riding the waves! This is a combination of rough sea and swimming pool under controlled conditions, safe even for the kids.

Family Rafting and Deep Blue Kayak:

This is a perfect combination of huge slides and water flow which creates a feeling of natural rafting. It is endless fun for the whole family.

Crazy River:

A combination of slides with extreme turns and water whirlwind pools creates the feeling of Mountain River. You can have this ride together with your friend to get maximum satisfaction.

Black Hole:

Challenge yourself in the mysterious black hole, slide in the complete darkness if you are brave enough!

Multi Hill Slides:

For 4 to 6 people. This is the right place for meeting and trying your technics of water sliding. You can enjoy this hill with a group of people and race to prove who is the fastest one!

Giant Slides:

Round and round you go, picking up the speed, until you slide into your final destination to the splashing pool!


Compo Tower: If your height is over 1,40 cm get ready to speed to our new waterslide!

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