AQUALAND - Corfu Theme Water Park

Extreme Games (12+)

Our Extreme Area is for the adrenaline seekers only.

Choose one of many extreme slides to match your bravery!

Double Twisters:

This twisty ride comes with it’s own unique route and distinctive angles, is perfect for a friendly race to see who can hit the landing pool first!

Hydrotube slides:

Slam your way through wacky curves and crazy turnings at high speed which makes a maze look like child’s play!

Hurricane Twist:

Multiple speedy turns which end in splashing waters, spins you like a hurricane and will make you scream and laugh at the same time.


You will climb 12 meters to the entrance of the game, but be patient. Load into position and be ready to shoot down screaming until you fall into the pool!

Free Fall and Free Fall Plus:

you have tried everything and looking for the real thrill?! Here you are! Our 24 m Free Fall is ready for you. Position your body on the top of the blue tube and get ready for “take off”! A real dose of adrenalin is guaranteed!

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