AQUALAND - Corfu Theme Water Park

Children's Area (4-8)
Looking for a place that will generate hours of fun for your kids?
What can be a better way to transfer the usual kids’ games at a playground to a swimming pool?

Children’s water games located in big swimming pools with depth of only 40 cm makes them safe even for our very small friends.

There are two children areas with water games.

Caribbean Pirate – with easy water slides, water showers and different secret paths to discover the treasures of the Big Caribbean Pirate. It is an adventurous water game which every child would enjoy.

The second area is a big shallow pool with easy water slides which are suitable for our little friends and their parents. It is a complex of games made to create the Fantasy Islands (Screaming Frog, Ramp, Shower Mushroom and Slippery Octopus).


Young Rebels: Imaginary for children aged 4 to 12 years old. Open and closed type of waterslides fascinate the children and the parents!

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